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Netherlands Soccer Players

Historically Holland has produced some truly remarkable soccer players that have shone above the talent of other Holland football stars to shine on the international soccer.  Some of the all time greatest soccer stars from the Netherlands include such sporting greats as Dennis Bergkamp, Johan Cruyff, Ruud Gullit, Frank Rijkaard or Marco Van Basten, who have changed the way the game is played and stamped their identity in the international hall of fame.

Netherlands Soccer Players – Johan Cruyff

Johan Cruyff - Netherlands Soccer Players -

Johan Cruyff

Johan Cruyff is considered to be the all time most important of Holland’s football stars, gaining the status of a legend each time he played, whether it was Cruyff playing for Ajax Amsterdam, Cruyff at FC Barcelona or Cruyff at Feyenoord.  Johan Cruyff is also recognized as the third greatest international football star of all time, closely behind Pele and Maradona.  Some even consider Cruyff to be better than Maradona who although had many moments of brilliance also played some very poor games.  Cruyff however played consistently at a high level throughout his whole career.  Johan Cruyff is considered to have redefined the game of soccer to the modern game of football we all know and love, with great vision, style and talent both on and off the field.  He was one of the most intelligent and calculated football players to ever grace a soccer field.

Netherlands Soccer Players – Ruud Gullit

Ruud Gullit - Netherlands Soccer Players -

Ruud Gullit

Throughout the 1980s and1990s Gullit was considered one of the most important Dutch soccer star and was one of the first great all rounder or often called “complete midfielder”.  This means Gullit was able to perform highly in any position in the midfield including more defensive roles to an attacking midfielder of playmaker.  Alongside other football greats Marco Van Basten and Frank Rijkaard, Gullit brang Holland their very first international cup with the magnificent triumph in the 1988 European Football Championship.


Netherlands Soccer Players – Frank Rijkaard


Frank Rijkaard - Netherlands Soccer Players -

Frank Rijkaard

As already outlined above, alongside Ruud Gullit and Marco van Basten, Rijkaard formed the famous trio of Netherlands Soccer Players in the midfield for his national Netherlands side and his club AC Milan.  Based on this midfield triangle AC Milan enjoyed an unprecedented period of success winning what is now known as the Champions League twice (called the European Cup at the time) and two editions of the Serie A championship.  This success was replicated further at the national level with the Netherland’s win of the European Championship in 1988.  Although Rijkaard is not recognized as well as his teammates Gullit of Van Basten, given his more defensive role, he was crucial in forming unstoppable midfield plays for the team that led to their successes.


Netherlands Soccer Players – Marco Van Basten

Even though Cruyff is considered the most important all time football star of Holland, Marco Van Basten is certainly in the same league and more recognized worldwide.  Van Bastien’s remarkable career for the national Holland soccer team as well as his clubs AC Milan and Ajax was full of unbelievable goals.  Regretfully Van Basten’s career was short lived after a devastating injury to his ankles when he was only 30 years of age.  This was not however before extraordinary seasons with his AC Milan club and winning the 1988 European Championship.


Marco Van Basten - Netherlands Soccer Players -

Marco Van Basten


Netherlands Soccer Players – Dennis Bergkamp


Dennis Bergkamp

Dennis Bergkamp

A renowned striker, Bergkamp was of a unique breed of Netherland soccer players that would lay low for 80 minutes of the game and then strike for the remaining few minutes and win the match.  Bergkamp is recognized in the history books for 3 characteristics: a fear of flying that excluded him from international matches, incredible scoring goals (although fewer career goals than many other players, they were all magnificent to watch) and finally his loyalty to his English club Arsenal where he played for eleven years.