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The most awaited moment will be arriving soon. The mega event of football that will be held in Brazil from 12 June to 13 July 2014 surely will attract millions people living in this planet and consume hours of time.
This is the second time for Brazil hosting the most prestigious history in football. Participated by 32 countries, 12 cities will be welcoming them and 18 locations has been prepared for the “war”. 8 groups of the qualified countries are armored.
World Cup is not just a game neither simply playing a football match, but also prestige and emotion. Although from its name called “World Cup”, in fact it is not participated by all countries but it is not belong to one color but it will represent a unity, that’s why we agree for saying NO TO RACISM.

Asia will be proud if one of their delegations will win the cup, or maybe people Africa will be proud if one of their country members will win the competition. Indeed, it belongs to all of us.
Apart from the game, the host will be benefited from the event, from government to its citizens. Government will earn from issuing visa, tickets and others that related to. Moreover, people will take chance – usually – selling souvenirs, merchandize of the world cup, and surely many café, restaurants and hotels will be filled up by the guests.
The cities never sleep, the world cup light them up as if they don’t want to lose the time even a single minute. In particular in Rio de Janeiro, capital city of “Samba national team”, it has Estádio do Maracanã stadium, the biggest stadium in Brazil with 76,935 capacities that will host the world cup’s final.
As final words, people hope that the forthcoming world cup will halt many political issues of each country. Hugging the differences, dissolve the colors. The teams are coming for one mission for one cup. Fight till your last moment, stand till the last event, keep fighting to be unbeaten but outside the field we are brothers.