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Every body must have known AC Milan, the most legendary football club from Italy. This club is very old since was formed on 16 December 1899 and has another some sobriquets such as i Rossoneri (black and red), il Diavolo (devil), Casciavit, Lamborgia language (srewdriver). Those sobriquet reflect an strong and powerfull and danger sense that suitable for AC Milan’s great power. Actually AC here is an nickname of Associazione Calcio which imagin a coheisve of the group. This team mostly using red white uniform and white short, so that some poeple call it as i Rossoneri as black and red. A certain characteristic Milan has shown on the public eyes, give them an imagine of unbeatable team form Italy

On the copetition season of 2006/2007 Liga Italia Seri A, this football club hit a calciopoli scandal that require to start a new competition by 5 score decreasement of 8 points. Despite the fact, Italian football lover stay proud to Milan because, however, the name of this great team’s name had streaked by that Calciopoli scandal, Milan rather give an impressive result when they successfully won the most amazing football club comtetition of the world, League Champion. It could be reached after beating Liverpool with score 2-1 through two amazing goals from Filipo Inzaghi. Because of this victory, actually, finally Milan had able to take a revange to Liverpool of two years ago.
And for this 2014 news, Milan had faced Friorentina whhich placed on Stadio Arthemoino Franchi in Florence. The serie A has the fisrt division which clash scheduled for 3.45 p.m.Earlier story started when Fiorentia abl to beat Napoli and still left 7 points behinds serie A and nine competition left to play. From Fiorentina side said to reporters ahead of Wednesday’s match againts AC Milan “i believe we can get third place.”





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