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Shahid Afridi – Boom Boom Afridi


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If we talk about Pakistan cricket, it will never be till Shahid Afridi is not present in it. He was born on March 1, 1980. He made his debut in Karachi 1995. His cricket ground is Gadaffi stadium. His favorite food is chicken Biryani. His favorite band is back street boys. He is fond of religious books.

Shahid Afridi

Let’s just talk about its records. In the history he is the second player who made 6000 runs and has taken more than 300 wickets in ODI cricket. He has made his fastest century in 37 balls since after this he called now Boom Boom.

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His half century was in 18 balls which is also the fastest.  He has hit most number of sixes, that’s why he always recognized for hard hitting batsman. Due to his hard hitting, his strike rate is also highest which 113.82 in ODI cricket are. Besides this he has made 32 runs in one over which is biggest score in ODI. Besides as a batsman he has also work done as a bowler. In T20 cricket he is the leading wicket taker in 42 matches he has taken 53 wickets. From Pakistan in wicket takers he contains third rank after Wasim Akram and Waqar Younus. In World cup also he has also taken a many number of wickets as a captain. His best bowling as a captain in world cup match by Kenya is 5 for 16.In 2011 he was the leading wicket taker.

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Some of the years, his cricket was in the downfall but now recently he again come back with a band. He is an all a rounder and one of the favorite personalities of Pakistan which always be on top. People come only to watch him because he creates the total excitement. In Srilanka T20 match he was the life and booster for match. His balling, fielding and Batting were superb.

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Over all he is the master player of cricket. Every youth who wants to be a cricketer, want to become like him. He is always being my favorite personality. He always be the key of cricket and for Pakistan as well.

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